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"Any blame rests with them."

A veteran, who suffered from Fibromyalgia among other debilitating injuries, leaves a suicide note blaming the DEA's control of the medical community.

Boy, can I relate. It's not just VA care; it's medical care in general; especially in circumstances where you're on disability/SSI and qualify for medicade, like me. I had to wait four months to even see a doctor at the medicade approved clinic and then another 2 months to see a specialist.

There's talk that marijuana can actually help with fibromyalgia symptoms but I don't know much of the research since it's still illegal in Indiana. All I know is the low-dose antidepressant the doctors give me for symptom management doesn't work anymore. And the dose isn't strong enough to help with depression. And I can't take other medications that have been approved for FMS since it would have terrible interactions with medications I NEED for RA.

So, I'm boned.

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