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A Wonderful fact to reflect upon...

I made a post about writing an entry about a week ago...
Well, life got in the way. A few of you know what's been going on.
When I'm feeling a bit better, I will be sure to get back to posting.

"No one has waited for you like I have."

GPOY: Henry and Me

Physically, I feel like garbage.
But Henry is here and I will still karaoke as if my existence depended on it.
Because there are moments where it does.

I have a pretty big thing to talk about but it will have to wait until tonight since I'm on my out.

Just a few links...

Since I've finally upgraded to a smartphone, I've been a bit more active on social sites/apps. I figured I've missed adding a few of you so here are some links. Feel free to add me, just let me know who you are.

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I feel a bit like a proud parent...

So many Alice Nine feels right now.
I had forgotten how beautiful this song is.
Saga composed it and as much of an oddball that he is, he's a musical genius.
And if you compare any old song from their first couple of releases,
you can hear just how far Alice Nine has come in just 6 years' time.

That awkward moment...

When you and your friend are in the car, sitting in traffic and listening to radio:

And you turn your head to see the person sitting in the car next to yours looking at you two like:

Then your friend leans over to leer out the window at them:

And you give your patented creeper smile:

The stranger in the next car continues to look at you:

As you happily drive away:

The mornings are the worst.
The pain is agonizing.
I wish I could watch one sunrise without tears in my eyes.

100 Things #4 "Solo" by C-CLOWN

Apparently, I have been spoiled by the likes of B.A.P and EXO who debuted in the beginning of this year. I have found myself comparing every subsequent boy group debut to those two groups. They had such powerful, successful debuts that every group coming out after them seems lackluster. Or maybe they really are lacking... these new debuts just don't come near to their quality and I'm still not sure if it's because the bar's been set so high so early this year or if their entertainment companies are dropping the ball. Of course, not everyone can belong to companies with the caliber of SM Entertainment or TSE. (And SM even has their less-then-stellar moments.)

To be perfectly honest, the only reason why I even paid any attention to this group is because of their phenomenally stupid name. I guess I was expecting something to troll about. The only real information out there was their name... no real promotion and the teaser didn't really showcase anything other than the fact they were exceptionally handsome, which in this business, is pretty run-of-the-mill. They wouldn't have gotten their place in ANY entertainment company if they weren't good looking. They can't ride on their looks and expect SuJu or SHINee success.

This video is all over the place. Seriously. With the opening, I thought it was gonna be all aggressive and kick-ass... and it turns out to be a lighter song. I just feel like it's a sort of a bait-and-switch kind of thing and I don't like that. The whole breaking-out-of-prison intro, I actually liked it but then they go and ruin the flow with their teaser pictures like it's a freakin' slide show. I know you have to introduce the members to the public but that's what prior promos are for. You don't stick the teaser pics that everybody's already seen in the middle of the video. You ruin the flow and if there was anyone who was absorbed in the video (sadly, I wasn't), you kinda just end up confusing them.

There are no translations of the song lyrics, since the video was just released this morning and I don't know nearly enough Korean to translate the song myself but I'm assuming the song is about being alone and not liking it (as much as I like kpop, there's not a whole lot of variation when it comes to song lyrics, much to my chagrin-- what's been said has been said a million times and it was probably said better by some long-gone group.). And yet, they use the world "Solo". Solo implies that you have the spotlight to yourself and you like it that way. But since they keep flashing back to some random chick (yet another pretty face stuck in there because she's pretty but they don't bother fleshing her out at all, grr), that's probably not the case. They would've done better to use a thesaurus and look up "lonely" or "alone". I need to remind myself that the songwriters probably aren't English fluent, but still... word choice is important.

And here's something that bugs the hell out of me when it comes to kpop videos-- they often have nothing to do with the actual song. All these random rooms and settings have nothing whatsoever to do with the song at all and non-Korean fans need the video to tell a story they can understand, right? There's not always gonna be an English version of the song or someone to translate it. TELL A STORY-- even if it is full of plot holes, even if you try too hard to be deep and philosophical and fail. I like performance videos, but there's no variation. They've been recycling the same rooms and settings among all these idol groups for years and we, as fans, are freakin' tired of seeing them over and over.

And the cherry on this bland debut sundae? They show a clown at the end. I had "IT" flashbacks. No, no, no. Who actually likes clowns? I can practically guarantee one of those handsome boys (and a good portion of their potential fanbase) is actually afraid of clowns and won't appreciate that little send-up to their stupid, stupid name.

In short, C-CLOWN, their debut song and video? Meh.

100 Thing #3 "E.R" by Dalmatian

You're not by my side but I love you, I'll wait for you.
I call your name thousands of times but no answer.
Under the dazzling sky, I only want you to come back to me.
I fell into my tears and can't even stand up again.
Just like now, I'll be waiting for you here, where you're not present.
I'll be waiting for you.

I have to admit that I wasn't a big fan of this group when they first came out. They played up the non-threatening, cutesy image and much like Boyfriend, they don't do it well. Personally, I can't stand artificial aegyo (Korean term for the cute act). Lee Joon (of MBLAQ) has a lot of natural, unabashed aegyo but it rarely comes out unless he's doing variety show work and it never really has the schticky, hackneyed feel that Dalmatian's video for the "That Man Opposed" did. That Man Opposed irks the hell out of me. But I'm not covering that video for this entry...

Dalmatian suddenly disappeared for nearly a year and then they pop back up in May of this year with a line-up change, a new sound and completely different image. It seemed their company listened to the group (who have been quoted saying they didn't even like their image and the cute stuff had been done to death) and their fans because what they're doing now works. To be honest, I almost overlooked this video and song because I knew well what Dalmatian had offered in the past and I didn't like it. But I had a thing for Simon (the angry rapper in the icon) and it turned out he was the replacement for the member that left so I thought I'd give Dalmatian another chance. I'm glad I did.

The video and song treat the sudden end of relationship like a car crash-- happening very suddenly and you don't even really understand what's happening until it's too late to stop it. There's one line I love, "My heart didn't know you left." The song seems to have serious mood swings going between angry, mournful and in the end, hopeful: I'll be waiting for you here. But it makes sense if you understand the stages of grief. The car accident metaphor works well for the video... until we get to the medical examiner who seems more interested in their tattoos and cutting up designer clothes (uh, there's buttons, you can just unbutton the shirt...) than actually doing her job. I don't know why, but that medical examiner scene makes me facepalm hard...

And now, being a proper kpop fangirl:
GRATUITOUS TOPLESSNESS FOR EVERYONE! The abs are a little overdone for my tastes, but the (temp) tattoos are lovely, aren't they? And Mr. Simon with the "Come back to me, back to me, I'm chokin now, I told you back to me!" He is so frickin' charismatic. Even if the feminist in me is cringing every time I hear that line, the fangirl within is saying, "Yes sir!" It's shameful, I know. But I can't help it.


Me: I can't find my lighter. *whine* That's the third one in a week.
Henry: You can't find your lighter? Seriously?
Me: I'm looking for the damn thing, aren't I?
Henry: It's in your hand, ya dork.
Mike: Kinda makes you wonder where the other two are, huh?
Jenna: Cleavage check! I'm always losing stuff in these puppies.

100 Things #2 MBLAQ's Apartment Game

I'm not feeling too well today so I thought I'd post something that never fails to make me smile.

MBLAQ had a run on Sesame Player in the beginning of last year and it's like the show was made for them. The basic premise of the show is the members play games that they themselves put together or create. Mir, who would have dominated the show with his playful and hyper personality, spent the entire filming recovering from a back injury but the other guys held their own. The thing I love about the show is that it never seemed forced or artificial. The guys had fun and what's more, the production team even had fun-- they could often be heard cracking up in the background. Another segment that got lots of love from A+'s (the name for MBLAQ fans) was the so-called "Fragrant Interview" where one member is confined to a bathroom and another member asks them questions. If the interviewer thinks the interviewee is lying, trying to save face or is just plain annoying, they send in a fart bomb. You can see a good example of the Fragrant Interview with the boys here.  I've watched and rewatched this variety show and it's still so funny. And just 'cause I want to, here's another funny clip from Sesame Player.