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[sticky post] Sticky Post is Sticky...

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This journal is partially friends-only. Please comment to let me know you added me and how you came across my journal (just to satisfy my curiosity). Feel free to check out my profile for favorite things and fandoms as well as to click the links in the sidebar to add me at other websites and social sites.

101 Things #9 The Kpopacalypse

I haven't been participating in the kpop fandom much at all this year since my offline life had gotten complicated. But I had been following the big dramatic news that had been popping up in a steady stream the entire year. Just to paraphrase:

he Kpopacalypse
I have dubbed 2014 The Kpopacalypse

Now, to be honest, none of the stories really moved me (Aside from the sad news of Ladies' Code) until last night. I learned of Joonie deciding to not renew his exclusive contract with JTune Camp to pursue his acting career, effectively leaving MBLAQ. A few hours later, I learned that Thunder had decided to not renew HIS exclusive contract with JTune Camp, to pursue his solo career. There had been talk that the entire group had been planning on enlisting for the madatory 2 years in the army together so the group would only be on hiatus for 2 years instead of 4-10 years that was speculated and then this drops...

The Kpop world needs to take a moment and collect itself.

The fans can't take much more.

MBLAQ will be continuing as a trio, as far as we know... And while I'm glad, I can't help but kinda mourn. MBLAQ was always FIVE-- THESE FIVE GUYS. It's not gonna be the same. And the thing is, unlike a lot of members of other groups, they're close and G.O already posted a slightly passive agressive tweet about Joonie and Thunder being selfish so it's obvious Seungho, G.O and Mir are taking all this personally. I know Joonie's true passion and talent lies in acting and he hasn't been feeling happy or fulfilled and I know that Thunder went into kpop with the express promise from JTune that he would go solo at some point... but they were a team and they always talked about making the choices that were best for THE GROUP and it's all just falling apart for all the fans to see. Makes me a little sad.

Okay... it makes me a lot sad.

But, MBLAQ owns my kpop soul.
They've made me laugh, brought me to people I'd have not known otherwise and given their fans some pretty awesome music.

No matter what ends up happening, I'll support my silly boys even as they go their seperate ways.

But the kpop world really does need to quiet down for the rest of the year.
Seriously. Stop.

And since I'm watching MBLAQ videos anyway, here are my two favorite music videos.

"Be A Man"

"This Is War"

Your Taste is Cerebral

You are constantly interested in expanding your mind. You are looking for things that make you think.
You tend to prefer real stories and actual people to invented stories and thought up characters. You are concerned with what's true.

You are a collector of facts and knowledge. You feel like there is not enough time in the day for all the learning that you want to do.
Your interests are wide and varied. There are a lot of stereotypically boring subjects that you find fascinating.

"Singing to myself is useless..."

You Are Pieris Celestina

You are very perceptive and observant. You rely on your own senses to determine what's going on.
You integrate information well, and you have a strong intuition that is very rare. Your inner voice is often right.

You value harmony and will do what you can to make sure everyone gets along. And you are always in favor of personal growth.
You focus on dreams and believe in possibilities. You refuse to accept limitations and will do what you can to eliminate them.

"Any blame rests with them."

A veteran, who suffered from Fibromyalgia among other debilitating injuries, leaves a suicide note blaming the DEA's control of the medical community.

Boy, can I relate. It's not just VA care; it's medical care in general; especially in circumstances where you're on disability/SSI and qualify for medicade, like me. I had to wait four months to even see a doctor at the medicade approved clinic and then another 2 months to see a specialist.

There's talk that marijuana can actually help with fibromyalgia symptoms but I don't know much of the research since it's still illegal in Indiana. All I know is the low-dose antidepressant the doctors give me for symptom management doesn't work anymore. And the dose isn't strong enough to help with depression. And I can't take other medications that have been approved for FMS since it would have terrible interactions with medications I NEED for RA.

So, I'm boned.

Also known as "Guns, leather & chains-- UNF!"

Or "Pedo-noonas, Ahoy!"

Doesn't even need a review.

I'm perfectly content to watch and gape.


And unapologetically.

But at least I'm not perving alone.

You can blame nerdish for this one. She alerted me.

My mommy is so brave!

I walk into the bathroom, see a giant spider on the counter that I swear looked like it had fangs...

I slowly back out, murmuring to myself, "That's a nice tall glass of nope. Nope, nope, nope."

Two minutes later, I hear my mother yell and a loud thump. Which was quickly followed by, "Jessica, you damn coward."


My mother slaughtered the hell beast in my stead. And she knows me entirely too well.

100 Things #7 Idol Group: Beast

Screen shot 2013-02-17 at 3.55.55 PM
nerdish was kind enough to ask this and nearly 10 days later, I'm finally answering.

Cut to save your f-page...Collapse )

100 Things #6 "Warrior" by B.A.P

To preface this, I just posted this to Twitter:
Screen shot 2013-01-26 at 12.00.09 AM
[For those who are curious, Ssong is a fan nickname for Seungho of MBLAQ]

B.A.P debuted a year ago and I feel it was the strongest debut I've ever seen. Every debut since hasn't measured up to my standards because B.A.P just knocked it out of the park. Keep in mind, only 2 members are actually of age, the other 4 were still in high school at the time of debut.  They debuted the same month as EXO and although I like them both, they can't even be compared. Since debut, B.A.P has steadily released songs, mini-albums and videos and to date, has already had 4 comebacks. That steady flow of finished, polished product is almost unheard of from a year-strong rookie group.

They are an aggressive, rebellious group and again, not usually something that would be a successful debut, especially for the group's age-range. This is a sound I imagine an older audience would appreciate, but again, they circumvent convention and predictability with the considerable age-range their fans represent.

And while they usually have an angry, blunt, hip-hop sound, showcasing two amazing rappers (one with a rather unique, unmistakable voice, the other the maknae [youngest]), they have on hand some lovely voices perfectly suited for ballads which, while not their normal style, they are not afraid to do.

And their mascot is a bunny. A bunny. B.A.P is meant to stand for Best Absolute Perfect. To me, it stands for Bunnies Are Puffy!

*ahem* Okay, on to the video and song...

I don't know what exactly I was expecting when I first watched this, but wow-- talk about a kick-ass anthem. The set is grim and gritty and the guys look disheveled and look very much like they're been fighting. And then I heard Yongguk's voice and the only way I can describe my initial reaction is (0.o). Very deep, very gruff. A perfect fit for a song like this. But to some, it hits the ear wrong. It certainly is an acquired taste. Then there's Zelo, the maknae backing him up. Cute little curly-haired 15 year old. I call him my little motor-mouth because, good Lord, can he rap. There's a bit where you hear him actually take a giant breath after his line and I'm so glad they kept it in.

Something that put me off initially was the uniform platinum blond hair. They all wore different styles so you can tell them apart in the wide shots but I just never really took to it. I know it was supposed to be a point made about the fact they were united and acting as one, but eh... a little too cult-ish for me. But later on, when they changed the colors for each member, it just looked wrong. The blond has become their signature and they've gone back to it more than once.

I LOVE the choreography! Perfect fit for them, the song, everything. The tableaus especially fit in with the verses, my favorite being the tableau at the end where the puppets that Zelo had controlled had broken free of their strings and in their resentment and rage, surround the little guy and shoot him, ending the song. Brilliant and perfectly executed... so to speak. *lol* My favorite part had to be the stomp-y dance break. So much force and enthusiasm that they actually broke the stage at a music show performance. Very much reminds me of my high school step team.

There has been some criticism on the part of their entertainment company. Fans are worried that since their schedules are so packed and they are constantly releasing videos and songs, that the quality will eventually go down or one of the boys will. Thing is, none of them seem overworked, they always give their 100% and enjoy every minute of it. And if their newest video, "Rain Sounds", is any indication, the well of inspiration won't be going dry anytime soon.

I'm including a music show performance of "Warrior" behind the cut just to give you a better idea of the choreography without all the cuts and closeups. Plus, to show how incredibly enthusiastic their fans are and how that seems to drive the boys. Now, don't mind the mic issues. Their dancing was causing the mics to move and their sweat was ruining the tape they usually use on their cheeks to keep them in place. And there's the nice change of pace where all the background dancers end up shooting all six boys instead.
Performance video...Collapse )

100 Things #5 Seungho Picspam!

Seungho, leader of MBLAQ
In an effort to save space...Collapse )
'Kay, I'm done now. I could easily do this all night if I'm not careful.