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101 Things #9 The Kpopacalypse

I haven't been participating in the kpop fandom much at all this year since my offline life had gotten complicated. But I had been following the big dramatic news that had been popping up in a steady stream the entire year. Just to paraphrase:

he Kpopacalypse
I have dubbed 2014 The Kpopacalypse

Now, to be honest, none of the stories really moved me (Aside from the sad news of Ladies' Code) until last night. I learned of Joonie deciding to not renew his exclusive contract with JTune Camp to pursue his acting career, effectively leaving MBLAQ. A few hours later, I learned that Thunder had decided to not renew HIS exclusive contract with JTune Camp, to pursue his solo career. There had been talk that the entire group had been planning on enlisting for the madatory 2 years in the army together so the group would only be on hiatus for 2 years instead of 4-10 years that was speculated and then this drops...

The Kpop world needs to take a moment and collect itself.

The fans can't take much more.

MBLAQ will be continuing as a trio, as far as we know... And while I'm glad, I can't help but kinda mourn. MBLAQ was always FIVE-- THESE FIVE GUYS. It's not gonna be the same. And the thing is, unlike a lot of members of other groups, they're close and G.O already posted a slightly passive agressive tweet about Joonie and Thunder being selfish so it's obvious Seungho, G.O and Mir are taking all this personally. I know Joonie's true passion and talent lies in acting and he hasn't been feeling happy or fulfilled and I know that Thunder went into kpop with the express promise from JTune that he would go solo at some point... but they were a team and they always talked about making the choices that were best for THE GROUP and it's all just falling apart for all the fans to see. Makes me a little sad.

Okay... it makes me a lot sad.

But, MBLAQ owns my kpop soul.
They've made me laugh, brought me to people I'd have not known otherwise and given their fans some pretty awesome music.

No matter what ends up happening, I'll support my silly boys even as they go their seperate ways.

But the kpop world really does need to quiet down for the rest of the year.
Seriously. Stop.

And since I'm watching MBLAQ videos anyway, here are my two favorite music videos.

"Be A Man"

"This Is War"
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